Beware Of Fake Poke'mon Go App At The Google Play Store

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There's is this popular game called "Pokemon Go" which is not actually popular in Africa that has being reportedly known to have a a fake, in fact three fakes that was available in the Google play store, the fake contains malware.

 This was discovered by Eset antivirus researchers, saying that the apps are available on Google Play store, when users download it, there is a capability of the app that lock screen of the users phone and also has the ability of clicking on ads, in order to generate revenue for the hackers that made the app.

 The security firm confirmed that there were three of such apps available in the Google Play store.
 Lukes Stefanko, of the Eset Research team revealed that "This is the first observation of lockscreen functionality being successfully used in a fake app that has landed on Google Play."
 But presently Google has pulled out the three apps from their platform.
 This means that people should be very careful while downloading applications from the Google Play store, because this now shows that Google does not really really detect malicious apps, which will now become a public threat, because this can graduate to a stage of ransomware.
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