Humility comes from the Latin word *humiliates*, a noun which. Is related to the adjective homilies, which may be translated as "humble", but also as grounded, :from the earth", or low, since it derives in turns from humus (earth). The intrinsic self-worth, relationships and socialization as well as perspective, it is emphasized in religious practice, moral teaching and ethical study where the nation is often made more precise.
 Humility is a virtue that tends to exalt any one who engages him/herself to the virtue. Like a popular adage says *prided comes before a fall*. Let us put  pride behind out of our lives and face life with consciousness of GOD through HUMILITY, friends lets be humble. THANKS FOR READING THIS MESSAGE.


Unknown said…
dt ws a gud article frm u,nice one there,keep it up...stay healthy nd b humble....