The Ministerial Screening

The long awaiting screening of the former governor of Rivers state Rtd hon. Rotimi Amaechi and  others have finally being concluded by the red house he has received many postponement and finally he has being screened Nigerians were eager to see how he will perform in the house, although he was not too interrogated by the senators. Nigerians hope that the designates would fulfill their promises to the nation. Nigeria as a whole is in its tempting time any further mistakes would bring the nation down, Nigerians hope that the change would affect all sectors of the economy for a better Nigeria.

    The vice president of the federal republic of Nigeria prof Yemi Osinbajo had a conference at the university of IBADAN, Oyo state on a topic titled "the predicament of corruption and the quest for holistic development in Africa" . Emphasizing on how the Buhari administration's commitment would fight against corruption and recover funds that were looted in the past.
    He further stressed that the primary goals of the Buhari administration was to fight corruption, improve security, and grow the economy. One of those present in the meeting Mr. Anyiam-Osigwe who has a foundation suggested the inclusion of philosophy in the curriculum of secondary schools to guard the children at the early so that that will acquire skills which will help them to avoid corruption.

         A test carried out in the UK using aspirin as an anti-cancer drug, it would be used in testing 11,000 people collectively to justify whether it can be used to prevent cancer or not. It hits record as one of the largest trial of a drug