There is no doubt that there are many ways in which success can be achieved. Researchers says that in Nigeria as at 2015 there are approximately 112million people living under the line of poverty, that is they cannot afford three square meals, which is devastating. International researchers also said that the world billionaires statistics are increasing...(no. of billionaires) whereas the number of poor people are increasing. Nigeria is one of the country with the most individuals with private jets yet children are dying of malnutrition. In  my article unveils some basic ways in which success can be achieved.
    These are:

  1. Put God first.
  2. Believe in yourself.
  3. Think positively.
  4. Have a set goal.
  5. Do not give up.

  1. God is the Centre of every successful person. So if success is to be achieved we have to put God first in all we do and he will support you. This is because no matter how you strive for greatness or success without God's hand behind you, you will go no where, GIVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST AND SURRENDERTO HIM AND YOUWILLSEE WONDERS IN YOUR LIFE.
  2. You are the person who wants to be successful, even if your from a healthy background if you don't believe in yourself you cannot be successful. So in becoming successful family background does not matter whether rich or poor, but from your determination. Have these words at the back of your mind I CAN MAKE IT, I CAN BE SUCCESSFUL.
  3. Thinking positively enables you to see the right side of something, if you do not believe that something wouldn't work, certainly it would not work. POSITIVE THINKERS MAKE IT HAPPEN.
  4. Having a set goal means you should have a subject matter of what you want to achieve and making plans. There is a saying that says" failing to plan is planning to fail". Having expectations to meet makes it easy to achieve your goal.
  5. There is usually a point your road to success race where it seems as if nothing is going to work but ironically it is the end of your struggles which bring in  a bright future because the darkest part of the night unveils the brightest time of the day.

 .With these five basic facts achieving success would be at your fingertips.


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