Life is a period of active human existence, daily activities, human affairs which is given by God. There are several ways to shorten it and also several ways to lengthen it to its supposed range. Presently (officially)the person who lived long died at age of about 122years and was a woman. It is observed that women tend to live longer than men which is driven by many factors but this writing is not laying much emphasis on that but to give you eight easy but tasking steps to increase your life span backed up by the grace of GOD :

  1. EAT PLENTY OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES:                                                                 You must have heard this over and over but its the fact, fruits and vegetables are the main drivers of the body system. Did you know that FRUITS and VEGETABLES prevents heart disease which is one of the major causes of premature death and it also decreases the possibility of having breast cancer and makes the skin wrinkle free.
  2. PARTICIPATE IN REGULAR  DAILY EXERCISE:                                                                      This indeed enhances the body system, when you engage in regular exercises you hardly suffer from ailments. Did you know that running (jogging) daily adds up about 3.5 years to your life span. Why because it lowers heart related problems and improves metabolism. Try engaging in an exercise today it will help you, most especially in the early hours of the day.
  3. AVOID EATING EXCESSIVELY :                                                                                              It sounds strange but its the truth. This means that when you are eating do not fill you self until you can't eat again. Did you know that the Japanese people has one of the highest life expectancy ratios in the world and they feed up themselves only about 80%. EAT MODERATELY.
  4. AVOID DRINKING ALCOHOL :                                                                                        Alcohol has proven to be the cause of many internal disorder especially the locally made gin. Try to avoid the intake of alcohol to its minimum and it will go a long way in increasing your lifespan.
  5. DO NOT SMOKE :                                                                                                                    Smoking is what leads many to their early graves, it causes heart failure, damages to the lungs and many other internal disorder. For each stick of cigarettes you take it has a negative effect on your life span and also can cause cancer, STAY AWAY FROM SMOKING.
  6. AVOID GETTING ADDICTED TO GADGETS :                                                                   This is  very important factor many peopled do not know about. The over use of wireless networks which includes mobile phones, television, microwave has adverse effect on the lifespan of humans due to RADIATION.
  7. STAY OUT OF THE SUN RAYS:                                                                                           The rays from the sun most especially in the afternoon when its in its peak likely to cause skin cancer, wrinkles and saggy skin. Avoid being caught under the sun at its peak, you can try using a sunshade, umbrella or hat to avoid the direct contact with the sunlight.
  8. ALWAYS TRY TO BE AROUND YOUR LOVED ONES :                                              Friends and families keeps you company throughout your life always ensure you crave a good relationship with them.Share ideas, thoughts, crack jokes to ease tension in you. Research shows that people who socially active tends to live longer.

With these you will be sure of having a longer lifespan with all support from the creator, God Almighty who created you and gave you life.



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