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FirstBank Enhances Their Mobile App

FirstBank, one of Nigeria's top bank brand has recently unveiled a set of newly enhanced features in it's mobile banking app, FirstMobile.  The app allows customers to carry out banking transactions instantly from their mobile devices and could enable transactions such as domestic funds transfer from self-owned accounts to FirstBank account and other bank accounts, buying of airtime, paying of bills, cheque services, flight bookings, account balance inquiry, statement  view and some other transactions.  With these newly enhanced features, customers could now make transactions without the use of token to a maximum daily limit of 50 thousand Naira using a user-defined transaction pin and make transactions with the token for up to 1 million Naira.   Other features of the enhanced app includes; changing transaction PIN, synchronizing token, changing login PIN and also sharing of experience of the app with families and friends on Facebook and Twitter. Presently the app is availabl…

US Promises To Support Nigeria

As the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari joined other world leaders on the Nuclear summit in the United States, the US through the US Secretary of States, John Kerry promised that the United States would invest 900 million Dollars in Nigeria in 2016 and also would help Nigeria to recover stolen Billions. This was stated when President Buhari had some bilateral talks with John Kerry.

We Have Developed The World's First "Ghost Catching" Device-Sony

Earlier on, the tech firm Sony Corporation had announced that they have successfully made the ProtonPack (a Trade Mark), a product which was designed to capture content from a parallel dimension. It could capture ectoplasmic matter. (Watch Video HERE)
 They said they have being trying to develop it for the past 30 years. Sony's President/CEO, Kazuo Hirai said "The perfection of the Proton Pack (Trade Mark), long a dream of the world's greatest engineers since first pioneered by Dr. Ergon Spengler of Columbia University, is an example of Sony's relentless pursuit of innovation.
 It absolutely delivers the wow factor that is so important to our company mission".

What Are The Innoson's Like ?

As Nigeria tries to promote "Made in Nigeria goods" in 2016, Innoson motors  which is Nigeria's first automobile (IVM) will serve as import substitution of automobiles, if really Nigerians are serious about the promotions of "Made in Nigeria goods".
 The Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company (IVM) was commissioned by the former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan at Nnewi, Anambra state in 2010. The Innoson Group of Companies was founded by Mr. Innocent Chukwuma.  Recently they (Innoson Motors) signed anAuto Finance deal with Sterling bank to help Nigerian customers easily purchase their vehicles. They  also partnered with the Nigerian Air force on spare parts deal. You could love a ride of Innnoson Motors...

Nigeria Lost 90 Billion Naira To CyberCriminals-CyberSecutity Expert

According to a statement by Mr. Abdulhake Ajijole who is a consultant at Consultancy Support Services (CS2) limited. He stated that there were records of over 3,500 cyber attacks by cyber criminals which included government websites. He added that over 2500 websites were defaced in Nigeria since 2011-2015.
 He stated this at a workshop organised by National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in patnershjip with Malaysia Cybersecurity Agency, the attacks happened between April 2015 to February 2016.

Some Die, Nearly 100 Injured and Several Trapped As Indian Bridge Collapse

n The Kolkata bridge at the Indian City of Kolkata has presently killed 14 and about 79 get injured while several others are still trapped under the bridge. The bridge fell and it collapsed on vehicles and street vendors that were under the bridge.
 Thje Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, promised that every action would be taken to save lives of those who were still trapped beneath the flyover.

China And Nigeria Bilateral Trade Reaches $101 Billion

The two countries China and Nigeria have made a hit of $101 billion from the year 2004 to 2015, Mr Zhao Linxiang who is the Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy to Nigeria stated this at the 2016 China-Nigeria Trade and Economic Forum in Abuja which held on Thursday.
He said China exported mainly eletrical machinery equipment, mechanical appliances and vehicles to Nigeria, while Nigeria exported mineral resources, agricultural products and much more to China.

Microsoft Announces 270 Million Users Of Windows 10 Launched 8 Months Ago

Microsoft, one of the world's largest tech firm on Wednesday announced that it's latest version of Windows 10 Operating System has up to 270 Million active users, since it was launched 8 months ago.
 Terry Myerson, of Microsoft announced it in San Francisco at their annual gathering for developers, Terry Myerson said before Windows 10 was launched, that he targeted over 1 billion users of its OS in a few years.

Senate President Donates 5 Million Naira To Sabon Gari Victims

Following the fire incident that happened recently in Sabon Gari market in Kano state. Senator Bukola Saraki , the senate president of Nigeria, who was represented by the chairman, senate committee on works, Senator Kabiri Gaya, who is also the Kano south senatorial district senator announced the donation when he paid a sympathy visit to the governor of Kano state.

Kano State Destroys Close To 9,000 Cartons Of Hard Drugs

As Kano state was one of the states in Nigeria with one of the highest drug consuming record in Nigeria. They recently destroyed about 8,974 cartons of drugs, which was worth 13 billion Naira.
 The governor of Kano state, Abdullahi Ganduje directed the state chief judge and also the |Grand Kadi to prosecute the suspected drug dealers and addicts.
 The governor said "Kano state will not continue to be the dumping ground for drug dealers and addicts.
 Aggressive measures are being put in place to sweep Kano and to apprehend all drug dealers and addicts."

Fire Razes In Ikom Market in Cross River State

At about 2 am on Tuesday when the fire started, it was believed to have being caused by power upsurge from the public power supply. The state Fire Service was contacted but could not attend to the situation as supposed.
 The State Fire Service in Ikom complained that they lacked the required facilities that was supposed to be used to combat the fire. The shop owners that were affected complaint bitterly as they lost goods worth millions and also crying to government, philanthropist and also concerned agencies to support them.
 CRS Director General of the State Emergency Management Agency, Mr John Inaku visited the scene and calmed the victims of the fire and said that the state government will try to see how to resolve their problem, as the shop requires total rehabilitation.

WhatsApp Now Allows You To Format Text !!!

WhatsApp with it's latest update can now allow you to make letters to be written in bold, italic and also be able to cross words that were written in error.
 When sending the messages, you can add certain characters specified to format the text. The characters can be added before or after words or sentences typed. This is going to be nice, because you no longer need to type words twice, you just cross the words that was mistaken.

Instagram Increases Length Of Video to 60 Seconds

Instagram, one of the popular social media around used in sharing images and short videos (which it introduced in 2013) has now increased it's length of which users could upload videos, from 15 secs to 60 secs.
 They stated this in their blogpost, th3ey said "We want to bring you fun, flexible, and creative ways to create and watch videos on Instagram. As part of our continued commitment, you will soon have the flexibility to tell your story in up to 60 seconds of video. This is one step you will see this year.
 This will be cool....

Lion Escapes And Rushes PasserBy In Kenya !!!!

Just of recent, a lion from the Zoo in Kenya escaped and was found in Kenya's capital in Nairobi, the lion injured a man who was passing by.
 Fortunately, the lion was shot by a Kenyan Wildlife Service (KIWS) ranger after it had hurt the passer by who was rushed for immediate medical attention.

Nigerian Refineries Cannot Meet Demands-Says Kachikwu

The Minister of State for Petroleum Ibe Kachikwu, stated in a Senate calling in Abuja on Teusday that, Nigerian refineries in the country were not able to meet local demand of petrol, even if they functioned at optimal capacity.
 Dr Kachikwu added that the ministry was striving to utilize other sources of refining petrol while also depending on the coming on board of private refineries like Dangote Refinery.

Three Die In Pipeline Explosion in Bayelsa State

So sad on Easter as the Nigerian Agip Oil Company pipeline exploded in the southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Nigeria. It was unfortunate as three were feared dead.   it was unfortunate as three were feared dead. It occured while technical workers from Maco Marine (also an oil contracting firm) were working to close an open part of the Agip pipeline.

Buhari Urges Nigerians To Focus On Agriculture As Oil Price drops

President Buhari, while declaring open the 8th Bola Tinubu Colloquium on Tuesday (As  Tinubu turns 64 today) which was held at the International Conference Centre, ICC, in Abuja he stated this.
 He said "We must produce what we eat". That Nigerians should join hands with his administration to ensure that agriculture should be encouraged in the country to back up the economy, as the price of oil falls.

Man Falls To Death While Trying To Extort Money From Truck Driver

It all happened on Easter Sunday as the Lagos State Police Commanmd confirmed the death of a 25 year old named Idowu. he was killed by Fatai Olawunmi, the truck driver in Apogbon road in Lagos state.  Idowu (the deceased) was among set of  young men who wanted to extort money from Fatai, the truck driver at around 4/5 pm.  They stopped the driver to collect money from him, meanwhile Idowu climbed the back of the truck, the driver was not aware that he was there. the driver sped off and Idowu fell and before he was rushed to the hospital, he died. Presently the driver of the truck, Fatai Olawunmi is at Police custody for proper investigation.

US Gingers Nigeria To Devalue Naira

Although the IMF had earlier told Nigeria to devalue Naira long before now, but Nigeria still insists that Naira  should not be devalued. Just of recent the the United States through the US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, at the US Institute of Peace, said that Nigeria should ensure the value of the Nair to the Dollar was more realistic.
 She said "While most people complain about the possibility of there being a devaluation, people are already operating on a devalued currency, and only people who are not, are people who are doing it officially."  "Our recommendation is, and we will have discussions about it...that they should look at the exchange rate more realistic to what the value of the Naira is to the Dollar'.  Meanwhile the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari still disagrees with the idea of the devaluation of Naira, despite the economic hardship the country is facing.  The United States said that they will have some tal…

The Health Benefits Of Eating Vegetables

Vegetables are very important source of many nutrients to the body, it really plays a major role in improving our health. Studies has shown that those who usually have the intake of vegetables at about 7 times or more in a day, have up to 40% less risk of dying from any disease or sickness, compared to those who eat less than once. You see how wonderful vegetables are ?  In Nigeria many households cook vegetables, which is not supposed to be so. Vegetables are supposed to face little or no heat, so that you could benefit from it's nutritional value.  Here are a few benefits of vegetables:
1. IT CAN REDUCE BLOATING AND GAS PROBLEMS IN YOUR SYSTEM:  "Bloating and gas" relates to how you eat vegetables, what really causes bloating is when you drink using straw, drink carbonated water or chew gum. Bloating makes food not to move quickly through your digestive tract. When you over eat, or you eat very fast and maybe you didn't chew your food  well then there are chances…

Japan's NTT Data To Acquire Dell's Systems Unit For $3 Billion

As NTT Data which was part of of former's Japan telephone monopoly, tends to expand, they now to acquire Dell's non-core assets for $3 Billion.
 They will take on Dell's 28,000 employees in North America and also in India. NTT Data said the acquisition will boost their Cloud and BPO (Business-Process Outsourcing) services.

FBI Unlocks Gunman's Phone Without "Apple's" Help

As Apple has been resisting the court's order to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernadino killer's phone in the US, named Syed Rizwan Farook. FBI stated that it had independently assessed the dead gunman's iPhone without Apple's help, they said they used a third-party they would not want to mention.
 On Monday, a top federal prosecutor in California, Eileen Decker in statement representing FBI said "It remains a priority for the government to ensure that the law enforcement can obtain crucial digital information to protect national security and public safety, either with co-operation from relevant parties or through the court system when co-operation fails."
 Then Apple responded "From the beginning, we objected to the FBI's demand that Apple build a backdoor into the iPhone because we believed it was wrong and would be a dangerous precedent. as a result of the government's dismissal, neither of these occurred. This case should never have been br…

How To Loose Weight Easily

Here comes some tips you could apply to make you loose weight as much as you want, so long you follow them diligently:

1. Avoid the intake of sugary drinks, fruit juice and also sugary foods.

2. Before taking any meal, take a good quantity of water preferably at l;east 30 minutes before eating.

3. Take more of vegetables, fruits and fibers.

4. Eat a protein-based meal, as breakfast.

5. Study has shown that caffeine boost your metabolism, so you could then drink coffee or tea because it has a good quantity of caffeine.

6. Eat your food slowly, because it has been noticed that fast eaters tend to gain weight more than slow eaters.

7. Make a strict rationing of your foods, so that you don't eat more than expected.

8. always engage in daily exercises because it contributes to keeping you fit and healthy.

9. Always go on scale (weigh yourself) from time to time to determine whether there is a difference in your weight or not.

10. Always make sure you have a good night rest, at least …

Fuel Scarcity: Oil Minister To Appear Before Senate on Tuesday

As fuel scarcity lingers in Nigeria, the Nigerian Senate has stated that the Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachikwu is expected to appear before the Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream on Tuesday, to talk about the fuel scarcity problem the nation is facing and also, the strategies the ministry is putting in place to solve the problem.   Senator Jibrin Barau, the Chairman Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream stated this while in an assessment of filling stations in the nation's capital, Abuja.

Why We Celebrate Easter

Easter day is worth celebrating, because it signifies how Jesus came to restore humans from sin, by the power of His resurrection.  Jesus died for us, to transform us from loosers to winners. Jesus died so that our sins can be forgiven, the book of Luke 24:44-47 explains this.  Easter celebration should be taken seriously and we should use that opportunity wisely.  Jesus restored us from sinners to be called saints. That's the reason we celebrate Easter. So as you celebrate Easter, keep it at the back of your mind that, someone carried your cross, someone took your pain, someone took your shame, someone took your sickness to exchange it with supernatural life. Isn't Jesus Christ great ?  Jesus wants you to inherit the kingdom of God, that's why He expressed His love by laying His life for you and I, but you cannot inherit God's Kingdom if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior. ACCEPT HIM NOW !!!!

Sokoto Govt. Urges Workers To Submit BVN Forms

According to a statement signed by Malam Imam Imam, the spokesman of the governor of the Sokoto state, Aminu Tambuwal.
 It stated that "Submission of the BVN, forms part of the ongoing verification of staff and the updating of records of all employee in the state civil service."
 It also stated that it affects workers at the local government level. The statement said that the government is trying to make efforts to sanitise the state civil service and to tackle the issue of ghost workers in the state.

Over 800 Shops Destroyed As Fire Guts Market In Kano

Traders at the Sabon Gari market in Kano state Nigeria, explained that the fire started at about 11 pm on Friday night and it continued till around 2 pm on Saturday, before fire fighters could extinguish it totally yesterday afternoon. the fire lasted for about 11 hours.
 The fire destroyed over 800 shops in the market and goods that were worth billions of Naira. Some traders practically fainted on hearing about the incident and were rushed to the hospital. The cause of the fire was suspected to be caused by electricity upsurge, some traders blamed the market officials and the Kano Electricity Distribution Company for the disaster.

Happy Easter to All Owojela's blog readers !!!!

Wishing you all a happy Easter celebration as we mark this day that Jesus Christ was fulfilled as He resurrected from the dead. Now we could be cleansed through Him !!!!! Enjoy your celebrations..

How To Start A Business

Starting a business involves you to make plans, financial decisions and also completely some set of legal activities. many people run away from business and also many dive into business due to the state of the economy but I assure you that these few tips could help you to start-up your desired business;

1. Ensure that you have a laid down business plan that will guide you on how your business would be looking like, and how you would run it.

2. Go for counselling services that relates to preparing business plans and how your business can expand.

3. Let your business location be targeted to your customers.

4. Make up financial plans by taking loans that has low interest rates (maybe government loans), that will enable you start-up your business.

5. Decide on the form of ownership of the business, whether it will be owned by you (sole proprietorship), a partnership business, a limited liabilty company, a corporation, or even a cooperative business.

6. Register your business name and al…

How To Save Yourself From Danger

Danger in a broad sense could mean that you are in a situation where there are chances that you could be exposed to harm or be at risk.  Saving yourself from danger can be done by simply applying prayer to your daily life. When you pray for God's protection, He prevents you from facing calamities and problems.  In a situation or place where there is danger, He allows the bad things to end, before you pass or He allows you to pass before the bad things happen.  You see how prayers could prevent you from dangers... Learn to pray always, so that you don't fall into the dangerous traps of your enemies.

Microsoft Apologizes for Creating an AI Racist Bot

They called it Tay, and it was an Artificial Intelligent chatbot created by Microsoft that was used in tweeting with humans.
 They apologized due to the offensive tweets it released. According to them, Tay was designed to learn from interactions

The Users Of Social Media In Excess Could Be Vulnerable To Depression-Says Researchers

According to a research carried out by the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, they discovered that the more time a young adult (19-32) use social media, the more likely they could be depressed.
 According to them the findings could guide clinical and public health interventions to solve the problem of depression. The Director, Pitt's centre for research on Media, Tech and Health, brian A. Primack, M.D, PhD he said
 "Because social media has become such an integrated component of human interaction, it is important for clinicians interacting with young adults to recognize the balance to be struck in encouraging potential positive use, while redirecting from problematic use".
 He said participants of social media who reported more frequently using social media throughout the week had 2.7 times the likelihood of been depressed, compared to those who spend less time on it.
 He also added that "We certainly do not recommend that people to stop usin…

Google Announces The Giving away Of "Nik Collection" For Free

Nik Collection, a photo editing tool used for advanced editing of pictures in a simple form. It is now free for download !!!!. this will excite photographers and also the general public who wants to get the best of their photos.
 This was announced on their Google Plus account, earlier today and is now available for download @ their website. The software was bought by Google  in 2012 and the cost of purchasing it was $ 500 then it dropped to $ 150 and now Google has made it completely Free for Download !!!

Road Safety Assures Nigerians Of Safe Roads During Easter

The Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Mr Boboye Oyeyemi yesterday assured Nigerians that there's going to be free flow of traffic and also road safety during the Easter celebration, as many would love to visit their families and friends to celebrate.
 He stated this in an interaction with newsmen and he also appealed to Nigerians who are travelling to ensure that they use seat belts which those sitting at the front and also those at the back seat, that women should sit at the back seat with their little children for safety reasons. That drivers should ensure that their tyres of the vehicle they would us are in order, he also stated many other precautions.

A Nigerian Astronaut Will Visit Space before 2030- says Dr Onu

The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, yesterday in Abuja stated that a Nigerian Astronaut would land in space either before the year 2030 or on the year 2030.
 He said "The space programme is very important for a country like Nigeria.
 The Ministry will work very hard in the years ahead to strengthen all the structures of the agencies that will help us ensure that the nation plays a role in the space.".
He said that Nigeria would work with the space agency for the interest of the nation. This was stated in a visit by the management team of the Defence Space Agency which was led by the Director General, Air Vice Marshal Victor Udoh to him at Abuja.

Happy Good Friday To Everyone !!!!!

This is to specially wish every one of you out there a very happy Good Friday celebration. Good Friday is a day set aside to mark the day in which Jesus Christ was nailed to the  cross.
 That is, to die on the cross of calvary, to redeem men from eternal condemnation. This is a day worth celebrating. A day Jesus fulfilled His mission on Earth... come to Jesus and let Him wash your sins away and save you from eternal condemnation, so that you and I can Inherit the Kingdom of God.

Wireless Mice Could Be Vulnerable To Hack-Security Researchers

According to Bastille Networks, a top security firm, they discovered that with the way mice(mouse) swaps data with computers (which are often unencrypted), it made them vulnerable, saying that hackers could gain access to home and also corporate networks through the loopholes.  Although information has been passed to the manufacturers of wireless mouse, some of them said they are trying to create updates to make the mice less vulnerable and that will be more secure.

Watch And Pray

Let no one deceive you, that he/she knows or saw a revelation of the day that Jesus will come to take His people along.
  Mark 13:32 says "But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. Always pray to God, at every slight opportunity, so that you don't fall into temptation by the enemies.
 Mark 13:33 "Take ye heed, watch and pray for ye know not when the time is"
 But you cannnot be among God's people if you have not ACCEPTED JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND PERSONAL SAVIOR !!!

Be Prepared For The Battle

The life we live is a battle and you have to keep striving to make ends meet. Anyone who says He/She is tired of life, also means that he or she is tired of facing life's battle.
 Then, that's when you will hear that someone committed suicide.. out of frustration. Life is a battle that must be won by your efforts and your mindset. Life is an individual raxe that you must always win.

The Little Business Trick

Do you love business and innovation, then you shouldn't hesitate to read this..Business could be classified to be either lagre, small or medium scale. You should know which one you are engaging in.
 Before you go into business, you should think about the capital, audience (customers), the season in which such business moves, the location and lastly the profit. You should consider all these before indulging into business. So that you don't regret ever going into it.
 Many people just dive into business without considering those things I mentioned earlier, and afterwards they start complaining of low turnout and a host of other problems. With this little tip, i hope you could be able to start-up a large, medium and also a small scale business.

God Is The Most Powerful

God created the Heavens and the Earth and to Him are all powers subject to. This is because He created them all. That's the more reason you should rely on Him for anything or any problem, you are facing.
 The book of Romans 13: 1-2 says "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist bshall receive to themselves damnation".
 So you see.. no power is greater than God, learn to trust God and go to Him in prayers, when you are facing difficulties in life; when God says yes no power, no pricipality can say no...

SoundCloud Confirms Deal With Sony Music

   SoundCloud, a platform which specializes in streaming music service, has today announced that they had finalized their deal with Sony Music. According to them; the deal will increase the number of songs listeners can access through SoundCloud and will allow Sony Music Entertainment artists to make money from trackss hosted on SoundCloud service.

FBI Informs The Public About The Risk of Car Hacking


  So far so good, according to the BBC reports; in an advisory note which was issued to inform the public to be warned about "Cyber Security Threats". The FBI warned that criminals may latch on to online Vehicle Software updates by sending spam (malicious) software messages that deceive users into openingattachments that could possibly contain malicious software, they also gave tips on how you could prevent it. This sounds quite dangerous...

God Is Waiting For You

God loves you, He wants you to repent and come back to Him. Following Jesus Christ is the best thing to happen to a human being. God keeps waiting for us to repent from sin which is the only thing that distants us from God.
 God is calling on you now, to come back to Him. No one can enter the Kingdom of God if you have not accepted Jesus as your lord and Personal Savior. Come close to God and surely ou shall see the dividends.

Nike Unveils Self-Lacing Shoe

In 1989 a movie titled "Back To The Future ii" featured a Nike-branded shoe with self tightening laces but it was actually curated (fiction). It didn't really exist until 2013 when Nike started working and struggling to make the real-life version.  According to Nike; they achieved this by using small electric motors to adjust the laces, which then will be activated when the user's heel touches a sensor. two buttons on the side will allow the wearer to tighten or loosen the lace.  The firm says that only users of their app will be allowed to purchase the trainers. They said that the trainers would be released before the end of the year for commercial sale. See how technology is turning everything don't need to stress yourself to wear a shoe..

MoneyGram and GTBank on Patnership on New Money Transfer Service

MoneyGram and Gaurantee Trust Bank has launched a new money transfer service that allows GTBank customers to receive MoneyGram transfer directly into their accounts.
According to them; With the service, MoneyGram customers in Nigeria can now receive money from families and freinds in about 200 countries and territories directly inton their personal GTBank account.

FG Launches 10 Billion Naira Youth Entrepreneurship Support

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Investment, Dr Okechukwu Enelamah on Thursday officially inaugurated the Bank of Industry's (BoI)'s 10 Billion Naira Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) scheme, which is aimed at developing the Entreprenural capacity of youths and also help in providing start up loans at considerably interest rates for the execution of their business planms.
 The acting Managing Director of the Bank of Industry BoI, Mr Rasheed Olagunju said that the beneficiaries would have to provide two external guarantors acceptabl to BoI who must belong to any of a senior Civil Servant (Level 12 and above who should not be more than 53 years old or not more than 28 years in service, Bankers (not below the level of Assistant Manager) and must have been confirmed by current employer.
 According to them; the scheme will allow eligble beneficiaries to access a maximum of 5 Million Naira loan (with minimal interest), which will enable the procurement of machinery and equip…

Dangote To Buy Peugeot Nigeria

The CEO Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, together with Kaduna and Kebbi State are bidding for a majority stake in Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN) Limited.
 The Governor of Kaduna state said " we have submitted bids for the carmaker, with Aliko Dangote on board with Bank of Industry (BoI), Kebbi and Kaduna states, we are confident the car bid will sail through.

Buhari To Deliver Keynote Address At Upcoming NEC Retreat

According to a statement issued by Laolu Akande, the spokesperson to the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo. The president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari will be delivering a keynote address at a two-day National Economic Council (NEC) retreat which is scheduled to hold on Monday and Tuesday, this coming week.
 The President, Vice, the 36 governors of Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria's governor, the Minister of Budget and National Planning and other top government officials are expected to be present at the summit.
 According to his statement; the objective of the retreat was to provide a forum for in-depth discussions and measures to stimulate the economy.

Fraudsters Extort Money Using Fake Facebook Account of the Chief of Defence Staff

The Nigerian Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has announced to the public about the existence of a fake Facebook account which was named after the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). In person of General Abayomi Gabriel Olanisakin which cyber fraudsters can use to extort money from Nigerians.
 The director of Defence  Information, Brig General rabe Abubakar said that the public should not patronize such accounts,that has no relationship with the Chief of Defence Staff and also that the DHQ are making efforts to track the perpetrators of such act.

Nigeria Spent Close To 1 Trillion Naira On Food Importation In 2015-CBN

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor, Godwin Emefiele, on Thursday stated that Nigeria spent 972.59 billion Naira on importation of staples (wheat, rice etc) alone in the year 2015. The CBN governor in a keynote address stated this at the first New Telegraph Economic Summit, represented by his deputy. The summit was tagged "Returning Nigeria To The Boom Days: Prospects of A Non-Oil Economy.

World's Happiest Countries For 2016: Guess Which Country Came First !!!

The 2016 World's happiest countries report was released earlier on Wednesday, by the World Happiness Report carried out by the UN. About 156 countries were analyzed.
 Topping the list was Denmark which emerged as number one as the world's happiest country, which displaced Switzerland that was 1st in 2015 and now emerge as the second on list.   Nigeria was 103 out of 156 countries,  US was number 13 and the UNHAPPIEST country was Burundi. Burundi has witness crisis of recent and according to the World Happiness Report they found out that inequality was associated with unhappiness. Some ther countries that preceded Burundi were countries like Syria, Togo, Afghanistan.