FBI Unlocks Gunman's Phone Without "Apple's" Help

 As Apple has been resisting the court's order to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernadino killer's phone in the US, named Syed Rizwan Farook. FBI stated that it had independently assessed the dead gunman's iPhone without Apple's help, they said they used a third-party they would not want to mention.
 On Monday, a top federal prosecutor in California, Eileen Decker in statement representing FBI said "It remains a priority for the government to ensure that the law enforcement can obtain crucial digital information to protect national security and public safety, either with co-operation from relevant parties or through the court system when co-operation fails."
 Then Apple responded "From the beginning, we objected to the FBI's demand that Apple build a backdoor into the iPhone because we believed it was wrong and would be a dangerous precedent. as a result of the government's dismissal, neither of these occurred. This case should never have been brought."
 They also added that they would continue to increase the security of their products.
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