World's Happiest Countries For 2016: Guess Which Country Came First !!!

Denmark    photo source:
Burundi Crisis photo source:
The 2016 World's happiest countries report was released earlier on Wednesday, by the World Happiness Report carried out by the UN. About 156 countries were analyzed.
 Topping the list was Denmark which emerged as number one as the world's happiest country, which displaced Switzerland that was 1st in 2015 and now emerge as the second on list. 
 Nigeria was 103 out of 156 countries,  US was number 13 and the UNHAPPIEST country was Burundi. Burundi has witness crisis of recent and according to the World Happiness Report they found out that inequality was associated with unhappiness. Some ther countries that preceded Burundi were countries like Syria, Togo, Afghanistan.
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