Did FBI Pay Hackers To Open the San Bernadinho Killer's iPhone ?

It's no longer news that the FBI cracked into the San Bernadinho killer's iPhone. But the question is; which individual or firm cracked the iPhone ?
 According to Washington Post; The FBI cracked the San Bernadinho terrorist's iPhone with the help of professional hackers who discovered and brought to the FBI at least one previously unknown software flaw.
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 The new information was then used in creating a hardware that helped the FBI to crack the iPhone's 4-digit PIN without triggering a security feature that could have erased all the data. There are two things that that are involved in cracking the iPhone;
 One was disabling a feature that wipes off data ten times after trying the wrong pin. The second  was the feature that steadily increases time allowed to do trials of entering the PIN. This could be dangerous to Apple, because their could be a loophole that Apple needs to close.
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 Meanwhile Washington Post have said that many security and privacy experts have called on the government to disclose the vulnerable data to Apple so that the firm would patch it's loophole.
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