FBI Payed Over A Million Dollar To Hack Into The San Bernardinho Killer's iPhone

Photo source: theinsidekorea.com
 James Comey, the FBI director stated that the FBI paid at least $1.3 Million to get into the San Bernardinho killer's iPhone.
 Although he didn't say the precise figure for how much they paid for getting into the iPhone, but it was a projection of his salary for the next 7 years of his tenure, He stated this while speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in London (According to Wall street Journal).
 James Comey said "It was worth it". The calculation was based on a projection of Mr. Comey's annual salary which as at January 2015 was $183,300. Projecting it towards the next 7 years would be something around $1.3 million.
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 Although FBI didn't name the "security firm" or set of "hackers" that they payed to help them unlock the four-digit identification number that would have triggered a security feature that would have erased all data if tried 10 wrong times.
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 The fear of all these is that; the same method could also be used on other 5c iPhones running iOS 9 software, which poses risk to over 16 million people in the United States, as said by Apple.
 The FBI made statements that it needed access to the killer's phone data to determine if the attackers worked with some other people.
 According to some US News firm; so far the FBI has not found anything fascinating on the killer's iPhone.
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