FG To Start Paying Salaries on 25th of Every Month-Says AGF

 Mr. Ahmed Idris, the Accountant-General of the Federation (AFG), Mr Ahmed Idris, has stated that the Federal Government has started making plans to pay salaries to staff, by the 25th of every month as directed by President Buhari.
 In an interview with NAN, on Wednesday in Abuja Mr. Idris said "There is a standing instruction of Mr. President to pay salary on or before 24 or 25 of every month and we will try as much as possible to comply and to abide by that.
 "We are taking a step further to make a provision whereby we can accommodate salary payments even before FAAC.
 "This is going to be given a test I believe this month. We will go to seek for necessary approval of our political masters to make sure that at least salary and other statutory payments are made are made even before FAAC."
 Mr. Idris also advised commercial banks to re-strategise on how to make profit without relying on government funds.
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