Germany Installs Traffic Light For "Gadget" Distracted Pedestrians

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After a case of a 15 year old girl who was fatally hit by a rail vehicle (tram), when she walked towards the tracks while she was glued to her smartphone (gadget) and also putting on headset (gadget), the German researchers thought of this pedestrian traffic light stuff.
 According to source; the lights that were installed looked similar to cat's eye markers, but this particular one that was used were flat on the ground and flashes red when a rail vehicle is approaching.
 it's common to see people on the streets glued to their smartphone and their minds would not be on the road they are moving on.
 The traffic light installed in the Southern German city of Augsburg, would be of help to its citizens and it would be a means to reduce accidents on roads that are caused by people texting or just staring at their phones while crossing roads.
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