How God Expresses His Love

God loves men, that's really true, and He  it by giving. There's a popular saying that says "You cannot love without giving". God expressed His love to man by giving His only begotten Son to die for the whole world including you and I. The book of of John 3:16 explains this.
 With this understanding, you will agree with me that, God has shown love to mankind. But still yet, God hates sin, it is because of sin in man, that God sent His son. So that we would no longer be acknowledged s sinners but now saints.
 But from the look of things, new forms of sin emerge. If you observe what is happening in the world, you will find out that ordinarily we don't deserve God's love, because we break His laws everyday in one way or the other.
 But when we are embedded in Jesus Christ and God looks at the righteousness of Christ in us, He showers His grace upon us, thereby He will have mercy on us, then allowing His divine grace to be shared unto us and also His divine blessings.
 so don't be at the disadvantaged side, because if you are not on God's side, you might not benefit from the divine packages God has for His children. It's easy to become God's child. First you have to accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior, study God's word (The Holy Bible) and attend a living church that would build you up in Godliness. That's It
 Start enjoying the benefits of being in Christ. To accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior CLICK HERE
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