How God Showers His Mercy On Man

Humans have being known for committing sin and atrocities, for along time and there's always a penalty for every sin committed and that penalty is death. The Bible says the wages of sin is death, so it means that anyone who sins is liable to face death, not only physical death but eternal death.
 But we are all guilty of sin, and this is were God plays His role of showing mercy on us. He did it by sending the savior, His son Jesus Christ, whom He sent to die on the cross of calvary to redeem men. Does this not show God's love for mankind ?

 With this opportunity God has given us, to be able to repent when we fall short of His glory, you could be part of those who could enjoy those privileges. This is done by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Personal Savior. Do not be a slave to sin, enjoy God's mercy that He has showered. The book of John 8 verse 34 says "Jesus answered them, 'Truly, I say unto you, everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin." Reading that scripture down to verse 37 will give you the clear explanation of why you shouldn't be a slave to sin.
 Get started now, Accept JESUS FOR FREE AND BE SAVE D FROM SIN !!!!

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