How To Live A Holy Life

 Living a holy life, to many may seem difficult or something that is impossible to achieve. But before you finish reading this post, you shall be well informed on the steps to take to live a "Holy Life".
 When we talk about holiness, we should first understand what holiness means. Holiness is simply living a life free from sin, it means complete righteousness. Once you understand this, you would be able committed and also be able to be holy.
 God wants all (including you) His children to be Holy, because He is also holy. In the book of Leviticus 19:2 It said "Speak unto all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say unto them, Ye shall be holy for the Lord is holy".
 But how can we be holy ? We can be holy when you first accept Jesus as our Lord and Personal Savior, because when you do that, it frees you from the captivity of the devil and takes you to the side of God.
 After you must have embraced salvation, you have to invite the Holy Spirit to come and take control in your life. This is done when you pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you through. Then you you should engage in the scriptures, study the scriptures because in it lies the key to which you should run your life.
 With the Holy Spirit in you, you will discover that, your ways would be favorable to  God. No one can be holy naturally, only God gives us the grace to be holy, so all you need do is ask. When you discover that you have backslide, quickly ask God for mercy and continue in righteousness. 
 Start enjoying the Holy Life NOW !!!!!! 
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