Internet Subscribers In Nigeria Reduces to 93 Million-NCC

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The NCC, the Nigerian Communications Commission on Saturday has stated that the number of internet users in Nigeria using the telecoms networks had reduced to 93.75 million as at February 2016.
 This was disclosed to NAN, the commission said that about 2,194,162 people stopped surfing the internet, maybe due to economic crunch.
 MTN Nigeria had 35.6 million internet users browsing on their network, Globacom had 25.68 million customers (initially as at January it was 25.43 million but later increased by  248,593).
 Airtel had  17 million internet users ( they had   16.85 million customers in January and increased by 224,037). Etisalat had 15.23 million internet users (they initially had 15.28 million users but reduced by 42,251).
 Also the two CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) operators which are Multi-links and Visafone had in February a total of 150,125 internet users and decreased by 52 internet users.
 The NCC charged Nigerians to be more engaged in the internet, as their was an experience of a decrease in the number of internet subscribers in Nigeria.
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