LitterGram Begs Facebook Over Name Change As It's Name Sounds Like Facebook's Instagram

Littergram vs Instagram of Facebook
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 Facebook, had earlier told LitterGram (A UK-based application that lets people take photos of litter in public places and add a location tag to it) to change it's name saying that it infringes upon the name of it photo-sharing service Instagram.
 LitterGram was given till April 28 to respond, before the founder of the app Danny Lucas responded  to Facebook, by posting a personal plea to Mark Zuckerberg in a video format.
  He pleaded that Facebook's demand to change the name of "LitterGram" would kill its momentum and put it back to square one.
 Although Facebook has not responded to the plea. LitterGram is an app that also share photos, but those of litters, that could alert local authority officials.
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