Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Explains Why Buhari Travels Often

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 Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Monday, while briefing the public on the activities of government has stated that President Buhari's often trips to foreign countries were for the country's development.
 According to NAN; He stated this in Lagos at a town hall meeting, while speaking he said the President's trip were already yielding results for the progress of the country.
 The Minister said "When the President assumed office, the problem that was timed was how to get the confidence of neighboring countries to support the war on terror."
  "So, what the President did was to travel to Chad, Cameroun and other neighboring countries to seek a joint coalition, and now we can all see the results the country is recording against Boko Haram."
 He also added that; some of President Buhari's trip were by invitation and that the President's recent trip to China was to attract the much needed investments in agriculture, solid minerals, as well as other important sectors of the economy.
 He said "We are in an era of globalization and that means that we can go to any part of the world to seek opportunities."
 "The (recent) visit to China does not mean we have gone east, it only means we can seek partnership in any part of the world."
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