That Awkward Moment When the "Ransomeware" Knows Your Home Address

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 According to bbc tech; a widely distributed scam email that quoted people's postal address links to a dangerous form of ransomeware, which was quoted by a security researcher.
 Mr. Andrew Brandt, of US firm Blue Coat, discovered that the emails are linked to a ransomeware called Maktub.
 Thee malware encrypts victim's files and demands a ransom be paid before they can be unlocked. The phishing emails would tell recipients that they owed hundreds of pounds to UK business and that they could print an invoice by clicking on a link-but that leads to a malware, says Mr Brandt.
 Mr. Brandt also added "It's incredibly fast and by the time the warning message had appeared on the screen it had already encrypted everything of value on the hard drive."
 Meanwhile UK's national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre had received so many queries from citizens. Mr. Proffitt of the Action Fraud, advised that under no circumstance should anyone click on the link, but instead delete the message from their system and inform Action Fraud.
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