Toyota to Make "Guardian Angels" to help drive Driverless Cars

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Toyota, the automobile firm announced that a special feature called the "Guardian angel" would be added in the future Toyota cars. The system (Guardian angel) would get activated when their are signs of accidents. This is a way Toyota is taking a different approach to creating self-driving cars for the future. Toyota and other automobile manufacturers agreed to make the safety feature active from year 2022 (that is 5 years from now).
 It's just like a human/AI controlling a car at different conditions. "A perfect Guardian angel might never engage if it's driven by a perfect human driver" said James Kuffner, Chief Technology Officer for Toyota Research Institute.
 The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Toyota Research Institute, Gill Pratt said "Guardian angel would allow humans to maintain control of their vehicles in almost all cases except when it can help them avoid poor decisions or imminent dangers.
 "Such a Guardian angel system would combine and enhance the advanced safety features already appering on production cars today."
He said this during the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California, He said Toyota intends to invest 1 Billion Dollars for the Research Center's project.
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