5 Most Important Ways To Prevent Diseases In 2016

This days that new forms of sickness emerge, it would be wise to learn new methods of preventing diseases in 2016, because there is a popular saying that says "prevention is better than cure".

That is why i am going to give you the five most important ways to prevent diseases and keep you fit:

 1. Eat Healthy Foods:
Healthy foods
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 This isn't surprising but many people do not see these as a means of preventing diseases. Avoid excess sugars and trans-fat and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and even cancer would flee from you. In Nigeria, we are lucky to have many fruits and vegetables to eat and keep us healthy.

 2. Always Go For Blood Pressure Checks:
How Blood Pressure Checking Help saves from sickness
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 I will advice that we should all go for blood pressure checks the way we check our account balance, because it helps us to know our blood pressure statues and keep us to stop some bad health habits and start good health habits. Nowadays, many Nigerian pharmacy's are offering free BP checks to their customers, so you could just go in there anytime you have the chance to your blood pressure.

 3. Always Engage In Exercise:
 So far, exercising has being one of the very good ways many people use in preventing diseases, that's why (active) sports athletes hardly get sick.

 4. Take A Good Night Rest:
Sleep prevents sickness
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 Your body is expected to have rests for some good hours, because it helps reduce depression and helps to relax stressed muscles. One who doesn't sleep well is exposing his/her body to various complications because like I said earlier some stressed muscles need to relax.

 5. Always Maintain A "HIGH" Level Of Hygiene:
Personal Hygiene keeps you away from sickness
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 Hygiene, whether is it is personal or public, it is necessary. Hygiene entails the set of practices performed for the preservation of health. Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene preserves ones health.
 Some of the world's deadliest diseases are prevented by maintaining a good level of hygiene. Keep youself clean, keep your environment clean and always wash your hands as often as possible because our hands is one of the easiest part of our body that carries germs from any source.

I guess I have unveiled to you, the 5 most important ways  to prevent diseases, that you should know in 2016. Follow it and diseases will keep off from you.