Did You Know That Mark Zuckerberg Will Use Facebook To Communicate Live With Space Guys ?

Mark Zuckerberg and NASA on June 2016
Photo source: radiosantate.com
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced the plan of Mark Zuckerberg, to connect with astronauts inside the International Space Station (ISS) through Facebook live on June 1, 2016.

 This would be "the most anticipated Earth-to-Space call", which will be viewed live through Facebook.
 The ISS is going to be equipped with internet connectivity enabling astronauts to work on their science, and of course, to send fascinating photos of Earth viewed from space.
 With this, it would make Mark Zuckerberg's attempt to call the ISS using Facebook Live to be possible.
 According to a NASA official "The Earth-to-Space call will be seen live on NASA's Facebook page"
 Questions would be sent by Facebook users to NASA's official Facebook page, while Mark Zuckerberg himself would do the Live Call.
 Mark Zuckerberg has begun to show interest in space technology and the likes, he is presently  a member of the board of directors for Stephen Hawking's Nanocraft project called "Breakthrough Starshot".
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