Google Engineers Has Produced A Set Of 13 Emojis That Represents a "More Professional Woman"

Latest emoji for women
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In A bid to "empower young women" which are the heaviest users of emoji, Google engineers have designed a set of 13 emoji that represent women "in a more professional" manner.
What Are Emojis ?
 Emoji(s) are
smiley(s) or icons used in web messaging, that helps explain a situation or better tells a story by informing readers (pictorially). The word "emoji" was added into the English dictionary in 2013.
 Studies has shown that females are the ones who use emoji more and in the world of today, women are getting more "professional", that's why the Google engineers feel that emojis in icons representing women in the field of healthcare, construction,science,business and so on and so forth should be used to better represent them.
 The Google engineers has presented 13 emoji to the Unicode Consortium, the body that approves and make emoji(s) to be standardized.
 Presently,Google is waiting for approval from the Unicode Consortium, before the emoji(s) can be made public.
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