Google Wins Oracle In Java Code Case

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 Oracle, the owner of  the Java Programming language had made arguments, that Google had infringed in its copyright by "copying over 11,500 lines of code" from them and that they demanded $9 billion for damages.

 But fortunately for Google, they won the case "flawlessly."
 Actually, Google makes use of Java in it's Android smartphone operating system which is used by over 80% for mobile devices around the world.
 Oracle had stated that it allows "fair use" of the Java elements as they were only part of a larger system Google had used for a new purpose.
 This legal battle began back in 2010 and the two tech firms first met in court in May 2012 and a Federal judge ruled against Oracle but they still appealed again.
 In The Court:
 Oracle's legal aid Peter Bick's said "They copied 11,500 lines of code."
 "It is undisputed. They took the code, they copied it, and put it right into Android."
 Google countering Oracle, said "The Java Programming Language has always been 'free and open' to use and that includes re-implementing Java APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
 Even as Google won the case, Oracle's lawyer Dorian Daley said "We strongly believe that Google developed Android by illegally copying core Java technology to rush into the mobile device market."
 "oracle brought lawsuit to put a stop to Google's illegal behaviour. We believe there are numerous grounds for appeal and we plan to bring this case back to the Federal circuit on appeal."
 Google's Robert Van Nest said in court, that "Oracle had earlier welcomed Android at first, but later "changed their mind," after they tried to use Java to build his own smartphone and failed to do it."

 Could it be that Oracle is jealous over Google's success in using the Java APIs to make their Android mobile operating system ?
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