Has Facebook Launched A Facial Recognition App ?

Facebook's Moble
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 Facebook, the social media actually did, it was launched in 2015 but I guess you didn't hear about it because it wasn't so rampant. The app lets you get photos from friends and give photos back, group them by date and know who appears in them. The application is
called Moments.
 The app was initially launched in a few countries in 2015, but now the app has expanded.
 It was because of local data privacy rules by various countries that made them develop various versions of the software to get around these restrictions.

How The App Works
 The Moment app automatically groups together photos featuring the same friend or friends, and then makes it easy to share the pictures with them if they installed the same app. It uses facial recognition technology application.
 Moment is similar to Google photos, and according to the stats Facebook gave, 600 million photos has already being shared using the app in the United States.
 According to BBC: One of Moment's app product Manager, Will Ruben said "Moments is closer to the type of sharing that might happen these days on WhatsApp or other (private) messaging apps but it places the photos together into a collection."
 The question is, can it be as common as Facebook ? 
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