How China Could Be The First Country In The World To Embrace Driverless Cars

Autonomous Cars
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 It has being discovered that a Chinese tech firm, Baidu is making out plans to  allow driverless cars to be tested around Wuhu city in China.

 with this plan, autonomous  vehicles like cars, vans and buses would be introduced to China.
  The Head of Driverless Cars for Baidu, Wang Jing told BBC that "They want to be the first city in the world to embrace autonomous driving."
 he added "This is the first city that is brave enough, daring enough and innovative enough to test autonomous driving."
 he said after five years, the whole city would be open to driverless vehicles, which will eventually mix with human-driven cars, trucks and buses. {That might be scary}
 Baidu has being heard to be working closely with BMW, the German car firm on the development of control systems for autonomous vehicles.
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