How "Operation MESA" Messed Up 4 Petrol Smugglers In Lagos

Chief Pipeline Vandalist
 A crime fighting department in Lagos called "Operation MESA" on Wednesday allegedly caught
4 "unlucky" suspects with over 200 gallons of petrol in Badagry Beach.
 According to Pmnews; the four suspects were caught, while trying to convey the product from Takwa Bay to Benin Republic.
Operation mesa caught oil thieves
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 The "Operation MESA" team said that they got clues from the fishermen that lived around the area.
 One of the top officials said "We hired a boat and we seized more than 200 jerrycans of adulterated  fuel and most importantly, we didn't record any casualties in the operation."
 The official said the suspects would be handed over to relevant authorities for proper investigations.
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