How Tim Cook's Visit To India Would Boost Apple's Sale

Tim Cook Visits India
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 As India emerged as the second-biggest market for Apple, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook thought it wise to give the territory a visit.

 According to the Hindu: Tim Cook has visited India and over a few days, he has met with top officials, industrialists, Bollywood stars and the general public in India.
 Tim Cook said he wanted to learn about the India people, about their culture and about how "business" is being done over there.

In an interview, He said "I think of our products as tools to learn; they empower people to do things we could not do otherwise."
 "We are focused on the best, not the most. So, it doesn't bother me that we don't have the top market share in India."
 Tim Cook's visit to India is set to boost up the sales of Apple products, since India has shown a green light of success in Apple, if they invested in the country.
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