Keying Into Prophetic Declaration Could Help

 Have you ever attended Church service, and the Preacher was  saying something positive that will happen in the future upon his congregation, if you have experienced that it means that the Preacher was making a "prophetic declaration".  Prophetic declaration can be expressed as a kind of uncommon blessing that is issued out through God's servant.

 It is at this time, as a sharp Christian that you should quickly key into what the Preacher has said, because this could be God (indirectly) talking to you about a particular situation in your life.But if you are not ready or you do not take what the preacher had declared as serious, you may lose some blessings that you were supposed to have taken.
 So, this means that when we key into prophetic declaration, great things that were unexpected will begin to visit us. God can use His servant to speak to us, and even disperse blessings to us that why keying into prophetic declaration is necessary.
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