Nigeria,South Africa And Other African Countries Needs $90 Billion Annually To Close Energy Gaps In Telecoms Services

Powering The generators for mast
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An African telecommunications infrastructure company, IHS Tower has stated in their report that up to $90 billion annually to cover up it's energy shortfalls in the telecoms sector, this was stated recently at a conference in Lagos state.

 The major investments  needed to fill this energy gaps is expected to go into renewable energy, due to the fact that there were large deposits of renewable energy in Africa.
 The report was conducted on Africa by the Intelligence Unit of The economist, titled 'Power Up: Delivering Renewable energy in Africa'.
 The Vice Chairman and Group CEO of IHS, Issam Darwish stated that the report stressed that "Sub-Saharan Africa has the raw ingredients for vibrant renewable energy market."
 Renewable energy is a kind of energy, that is collected from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale which include sunlight, wind, waves..etc
 While non-renewable energy that te telecoms company presently use includes crude oil..etc. Studies has shown that telecoms companies in Nigeria spends billions annually on diesel in order to power up their generators for their mast.
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