Serving God With All Your Heart Matters

Serve God
In every situation we find ourselves, we should put God first, it's not just the matter of obeying doctrines, but it's more by serving God with all your heart.

 Many people just go to Church on Sundays, pray every morning and evening, pay tithes and offerings  and think they are so close to God
 But, no that's not all, it's the matter of creating a mutual relationship with God and the, ou will see turnarounds you never expected would come your way.
 The closer you are to God, the better life will go for you. You don't necessarily need to struggle like others before you get what you want, you just see them coming easily, due to the fact that your heart is wide open to God and you are very close to him.
 Serve God with all you heart and see great things happening because it really matters.
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