The App That Lets You Store "Old Photos" Is Now Available

Dean Newsome and Shawn Cutler
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Have you heard about a new smartphone app called Clixta that allows you to upload, store and share old photographs ? Well, the Clixta App has being officially launched recently. It has being noticed that people around the globe love to share pictures of any kind and the Clixta app has being
 specified of "old" pictures.
 The Clixta app was founded by two British entrepreneurs named Dean Newsome and Shawn Cutler, saying that the app will be a platform where families or other groups could share old photos privately and it would serve as a public archive for historical purposes.
 The idea; "I was in the process of digitizing old photos for my in-laws and we realized that there was no place to share these on large scale." said Mr. Cutler.
 He explained that users can now upload photos, either by scanning them or by taking a photo with their smartphone.
 Mr. Newsome said "I envisage a day when historians and educational institutions can use it, for example, to chart a high street going back over decades."
 They said the app has being tested by about 300 users and it could be downloaded by the public via Android Google Play Store and Apple iTunes, so if you hurry you could be among the first 1000 guys to download the app.....
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Jane said…
Heading to google play store

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