Top Three Reasons Why Your God May Not Answer Your Prayers

 Sometimes we might be praying over a long period of time, for a particular thing or event to occur, and it may seem as if God is not answering your prayer. But do you really know why God may not answer your prayers ?
 Well...this post will expose to you the top three reasons or hindrances to why your prayers are not being answered.

Top Three Reasons Why Your Prayers May Not Be Answered:

1. SIN:
   Sin is the number one on the list, everyone should know hat God Hate's sin, so if you are a sinner and then you went to God to demand for have automatically failed.
 Many people don't know this, that's why you hear someone says he or she has being fasting for 6 months and ha not seen any sign., meanwhile he/she lies anyhow, not knowing that even the lie you underrate as a sin could be your hindrance.
 Repent from sin and your prayers would be answered speedily.

 This is obvious, imagine when you are asking someone for something and then in your heart you had already given up or lost hope that the person wouldn't give  to you even before asking... you won't actually receive.
 Remember God reads our heart and knows what's happening right there... so remove  doubt and have strong faith.

 In this context, when you are unconnected, it means, you are operating under a closed Heaven. Sometimes a prayer someone must have being praying for a while could just be answered by just a simple declaration from God' servant.
 Never underrate a servant of God when he is declaring words, because he could be saying it under the influence of the Holy Spirit.
Get these tips; remove sin, remove doubt and be connected...... Then you will see how your pryers would get immediate replies from God. 
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