Warren Buffet Stakes 1 Billion Dollars In Apple

World's most successful investor, Warren Buffet
Photo source: ibtimes.com
 Warren Buffet, who is named the most successful investor in the world and who is among one of the wealthiest people on Earth has bought a billion Dollar stake in the tech firm, Apple.

 Warren Buffet, has being noticed for keeping away from tech stocks but he has just being found buying stock from Apple.
 Of recent, Apple shifted a little from being the world's most valuable company, after "a fall in shares".
 Although, according to WSJ the 85 year old billionaire did not actually make the investment himself, but the stock was made by his stock picking team Todd Combs and Ted Wescheler.
 According to BBC, the billionaire told CNBC that he could help the Chairman of Quicken Loans, Dan Gilbert to bid for Yahoo.
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