Would Robots Drive The Future Trucks Better Than Humans ?

Robot driving a truck
Photo source: dafalimited.co.uk
Imagine how a truck containing large mass of goods, cruising the highways, only for you to discover that there's no driver inside and then you find a robot as the driver, how would you feel that moment ?

 Many would be scared, but a United States Robotic Engineer, Anthony Levandowski is working with a new tech-start-up named Otto, where their plan is to equip trucks with software, sensors, lasers and cameras, that wold enable them to move in  highways, on their own without the help of a human driver.
 The Engineer said "Our goal is to make trucks drive as humanly as possible, but with the reliability of machines."
 Although studies has shown that such an idea won't instantly come to pass, due to the fact "it is not reliable enough to convince government regulators that a robot can be entrusted to steer a truck traveling at high speeds without causing a catastrophic accident" predicts Steven Shladover, a Program Manager for Mobility at University of California"s Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology.
 He said "I don't want to be on that highway when there is nobody there to takeover a truck with 800,000 pounds of cargo and I don't think I know anyone else who would want to be."
 "the consequences of any kind of failure in any component would be too severe" Shladover added.
 But do you think robot trucks would be safer than human trucks ? Man gets tired but robots don't but or the mean time, let series of testb be put in place so that errors won't cause accident because that would be the major cause of accidents, that is if it happens, because the major aim of making the driverless vehicles is supposed to reduce human errors that lead to accidents.
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