Bitcoin Acclaimed Founder, Denies He Is The Founder, Reasons Will Shock You !!

Founder of Bitcoin
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In May, everyone taught that the air has being cleared on who the founder of Bitcoin was, as Dr. Craig Wright who allegedly disguised himself as Satoshi Nakamoto to be the founder, but..

 Fresh reports, shows that he doesn't want to declare himself as the founder of Bitcoin, because he was given a chance to prove that he was the founder of bitcoin and he doesn't want to answer the name of being the founder of bitcoin.
 The shocking reason could be that (according to write-ups) that "Bitcoin has helped to facilitate terrorism by allowing people to buy weapons anonymously." And he could go to jail  for that.
What Is Bitcoin ?
 Bitcoin is an innovative payment network or system that enables it's users to perform peer-to-peer transactions without an intermediary.

 The transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in public distributed ledger called the bulk chain.
 Till now the founder of Bitcoin is still pending

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