China Has Created The World's Most Powerful Computer, That Could Perform 93,000 Trillion Calculations Per Second

The world's fastest Supercomputer
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China has broken record to have created the 93 petaplop Sunway Taihu Light System that has the ability to perform 93,000 trillion calculations per second, this indeed is the world's most powerful computer.

 The system has being installed at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi and according to Top500 that released the new list on Monday said it is twice as fast and three times as efficient as the previous top, Tranhe-2, which was also from China.
 According to WeeklyMagazineOnline, they said "The calculating power of the world's fastest supercomputer i the same as everyone, on the planet solving 4,702,000 math problems every second." Isn't that awesome ?
 According to an analysis, the supercomputer's main applications include advanced manufacturing, weather forecasting and big data analytics.
The Most Powerful Computer In the world
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 China has two supercomputers on the top 10 list and the two are the top two, while the United States has four supercomputers on the top 10.

 Professor  Cas Carr of the University of Southampton while speaking to this effect said "As a Computer Scientist it's difficult writing software that can take advantage of and control large number of computer cores,"
 He added "This is why supercomputers are restricted to specialised appplications, you need very specialised computing needs to take advantage of them."

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