FRSC Explains The Advantages Of Speed Limit Device And Having Good Tyres

Corps Marshall of FRSC
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The Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Commssion, Boboye Oyeyemi has explained the importance of the speed limit device and having good tyres.

 In a press statement, he said "Road crashes in the country which have claimed several lives and led to loss of invaluable property as well as living some victims maimed, the outcome of our investigation indicated that speed as well as escalated use of substandard tyres by motorists are key factors in the crashes with high influence on rate and severity whereas non-use of the seatbelts by vehicle occupants further aggravated the subsequent injuries and fatalities."

 He urged Nigerian road users ti driving stipulated speed limits, and also use appropriate standard tyres. He also pleaded that people should cultivate the habit of using seatbelts, whether in front or at the back seat."

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