How Snapchat's 150 Million Daily Users Tends To pass Twitter's Daily Users

Founder Of Snapchat, Evan Spiguel
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Snapchat, a fairly new messaging app, launched just four years back has made records of having 150 million daily users, which tends to pass Twitter' s daily users.

 Snapchat was launched about 4 years ago by Evan Spiegel and co, Snapchat has being experiencing massive growth in it's users compared to Twitter, which was launched in 2006.

 According to Bloomberg; Twitter has less than 140 million users interacting with it's service daily. Twitter was once the largest social network after Facebook, but Facebook's Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp have surpassed it and now Snapchat is on the move.
 But with these can Snapchat ever Rival with Facebook ?
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