How US Healthcare Records Were Offered For Sale Online

Stolen Medical information from hackers
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Reports have it that, hackers have attacked the database of some healthcare in the US which contains no fewer than 650,000 records of people and now has being offered for sale on dark web market, a platform where people trade people's personal data.

 According to BBC, the data has being in prices ranging from $100,000 to $411,000.
 Reports have it that the hackers already have willing customers who want to buy the stolen data.
 The healthcare organisations that the data was stolen from are known to be based in Missouri, Gorgia and the Midwest, The attacker told Motherboard (a news agency) that he would not give the exact name of the organisations, that he is giving them a chance to pay up.

 Such private data that was breached includes names, adresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, insurance information and everything that has to do with  the persons medical life and history.
 So that, for example a person who has HIV/AIDS and is of a high profile who doesn't want his/her status disclosed to the public could be targeted and asked to pay much more in order not to get it disclosed.
 The data is believed to have being stolen through a loophole in the software that uses a technology known as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)-which is used by members of staff and also IT workers to login from various locations outside the healthcare.
 So due to the poorly configured RDP, the hacker took advantage of that fault and got salable information about people from the healthcares database.

 A Cyber security Expert , Graham Cluley name 2016 as "the year of online extortion", saying that "with that information, the hackers could take out credit, open accounts, make big insurance claims or just simply sell the valuable data to other criminals to monetise as they wish."
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