Huawei Plans To Develop It's Very Own Mobile Operating System

Latest Huawei Mobile Operating Sytem
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Huawei, the Chinese phone manufacturers is allegedly making plans to develop its own mobile operating system, (maybe) so that when troubles with Google come, they won't fall.

 This was disclosed in TheInquirers, that Huawei had employed former Apple UI design Leader Abigail Brody, also with a lot of former Nokia staffs, to work on the project which is apparently in it's early stage of development.

 This happened just a few weeks after KoreaTimes gave a report that Samsung is considering switching to its own Tizen Operating Sytem for all of it's products, now seeing that Huawei too is putting up strategic plans in place in case they would have problems with Google in the future.
 This still seem a great plan by the Chinese phone maker.

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