I Pay Salaries, Protesters Don't Have Justifiable Grounds-Kemi Adeosun

Minister and Workers Strike
Photo source: bdive.co.za
 Following the protest that occured on Monday at the Federal Ministry of Finance, saying that the Minister should be removed, because she doesn't pay salaries, the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun has acted to the protest saying that protesters have no justifiable grounds.

 The workers described the Ministry as beingin a state of poor welfare.
 The Management of the Federal Ministry of Finance, in a statement that was signed by Salisu Na' inna Dambatta the Director of Information said: "The payment of what the protesting staff called a Specal Overtime (SOT), was stopped by the previous administraton in 2014 on the ground that it was not listed in any extant government Circular, Financial Regulations or the Public Service Roles.
"The sum of N1.2 billion computed by the staff union for payment could not have been budgeted for in 2016 in the first place, not only because of the paucity of funds, but also the fact that the SOT allowance was not part of the remuneration in the Federal Public Service."