Is Facebook Forcing All Of Us To Messenger ?

Facebook is fantastically forcing to messenger
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Presently, there are over 900 million active users on Facebook's Messenger app and now, for android users you would notice that a notification has being sent to you that you can't use
Facebook's traditional app or even the web to send and receive messages from friends.
  They would tell you to switch to Facebook Messenger, some still find it comfortable browsing Facebook with their mobile phone browser but now, it has being automatically disabled.
 According to Facebook, it's their extension of it's 2014 Messenger policy. Facebook, in it's convincing statement recently said "Using Messenger app is faster and enables richer interactions. We are continuing  to bring the best experiences we can to the 900 million people on Messenger."
 TechCrunch's Devin Coldewey while expressing his views said "Surely the mobile site is much used by people who have good reason not to download the app."
 In order word's some people see it as a means their memory space or battery life would be affected adding the FB Messenger to other apps in their mobile phone.

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