Meet Founder Of Popular Lagos Blog (LasgidiOnline), Jacob Akpene

Founder Of Lasgidi Online, Jacob Akpene
Here am going to reveal to you, the founder of popular Lagos Blog , he is Akpene Jacob. Many people have being asking to know the brain behind the blog that gives them satisfying content but this is what you should know about him.

 Akpene Jacob is a young Nigerian Blogger, Web Developer, Netprenuer & Digital Strategist he is nicknamed JayBoss.

 He founded the famous back in November 2013  which was referred to as and then it was rebranded  in 2016 and as the name of the blog implies,  gives you the info guide about everything about Lagos, stuffs ranging from the latest happenings down to just for laughs could be found in his blog.

His blog according to Alexa Rankings as at March 2016 was among the top thousand blogs in Nigeria.
 He is from the Zaki Biam, Benue State, Nigeria and he resides in Lagos, Nigeria. His favourite quote is  "Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful person and duplicate it."
 You can connect with Akpene Jacob on Facebook @akpenej on Twitter @Iamjayboss on Instagram @iamjayboss, Akpene Jacob is one promising infotainment Blogger that Nigeria expects to see (watchout for him).

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Hmm Seriously.. wher has he being all this while...
AnyiWest said…
Was He not the blogger who shun that yellow man that said people should not tassociate with poor people ?
Akpene Jacob said…
Thank you very much Owojela, I appreciate.

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