New Security Research Shows That Ransomware Could Be Coded Entirely On Javascripts

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 Some Cyber Security reseacrhers have found out that a  ransomware which has being written in javascript could be activated.

 So this now goes as a warning to the general public thatwe should be careful while reading attached files in our e-mails, so that we won't get affected.
 This is because javascript documents are not like executable program files that trigger a security warning on windows or require administrator access to run.
 The Cyber security experts described the malware as RAA, saying that the malware is disguised as a document and starts encrypting files immediateley when open.

 What Is Ransomware ?
 Ransomware is a serious cyber security issue where (virus) malware that prevents users from accessing their system, either by locking the users system screen or by locking the users file unless  a certain amount is paid to the person who sent the malware.
 It can simply be referred to a "data kidnapping".
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