See The "ASS" That Got Everyone Talking !!! (A Must See !!!!)

 Here am going to reveal to you, some asses you might not know that ever existed, you would be amazed !!!!!

When you a wild ass
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 Did youn know that these asses have being domesticated for over 3,000 BC ?
 Let's talk about these asses... I know that some youths would't know that these species of asses exists but we are going to talk about it.
Africa Wild asses
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 An ass as we all know is another name for donkey and  we are empahsizing on the African wild ass which it's scientific name is known as (Equus africanus asinus), these asses will get us talking.
African Wild ass
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 The African wild ass (Equus africanus) is a very wild member of the horse family named Equidae.
 This wild ass are usually differentiated from the domestic donkey and studies has shown that the first published name for the African wild ass, Asinus africanus, was first published in 1858 by Fitzinger an Animal Scientist.
 The African wild ass is 2 metre (6.6ft) long and 1.2 to 1.45 metres, it weighs between 230-275 kg (510-610 lb).
 Most of the available African wild asses seem to exist in desert or even semi-desert environment.

 The African wild asses diet consists of grasses, bark, and leaves and they run as fast as horses, some of these wild African asses could be found in Zoos in Ethiopia and Somalia and Eritrea lets just say they are found more in the horn of Africa.

 The amazing thing about these asses is that only 570 of them still exist, which means that if they are not conserved they may be extinct forever, and you know one thing, the future generation may not know that these species of asses ever existed.
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