Swiss Student Engineers, Build Electric Cars That Breaks World Record

Swiss student develops world fastest cars
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A set of Swiss student Engineers has broken world record by building a racing car powered by electricity instead of fuel, that is now the fastest eletric car ever produced.

 The car weighs (168 kg) it's called Grimsel and it took only 1.513 seconds to reach 100kph (62 mph) which now slashes about a quarter of a second, compared to the previous record's time.
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 It has being noted that no petrol-powered production car has ever hit the same speed when comparing the speed of the car.

 Last year, the previous record  of  0-100kph in 1.779 seconds was built by a team from the University of Stuttgart.
 The fastest commercial production vehicle which is the Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid, takes 2.2 seconds to reach the same speed.
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