Teachers Get Sacked For Allegedly Insulting Pupils

Teacher  get sacked for insulting pupils
Photo source: theguardian.com
Three teachers from the United States have lost their jobs for allegedly insulting pupils and parents of their school on social media.

 The screenshots of the messages were emailed to students and staff at Blackkstone Valley Prep High School in Rhode Island.
 The email was from one of the teachers involved. Abusive words like "idiots" and "scum" were found there. They mocked students of their academic performance and also insulted parents of pupils attending the school.

 The Headmaster of the School Jemey Chiappette lamented saying "I want to be crystal clear, many of the comments written are deeply diturbing and offensive."
 He added "Parents put their trust in teachers and the school, and that trust has been violated."
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