That Akward Moment When AMCON Seized, Ben Muray-Buce's Silverbird

SIlverbird Owner and Senator of Nigeria
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It has being learnt, that Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), had on Thursday morning seized the three assets including Silverbird Galleria Limited, Silverbird Promotions Limited and Silverbird Showtime Limited owned by the Common Sense Advocate and Chairman Silverbird
Group, Sen. Ben Murray-Bruce.

 The seizure of the assets according to source, was as a result of a default in paying a debt of N11 billion, because his company was learnt to have collected a loan of 10 billion in 2005 from the Union Bank Plc and because of that, his companies were locked up by AMCON officials.

As at the time when the officials were are the Silverbird premises some officials tried calling the Senator, but his phone didn't go through then:
 The Senator in reacting to the incident said in his tweets "1-I have been on an international flight and have only just landed.
 "The situation is being resolved and things will be back to normal."
Adding that "2-In 36 years, Silverbird has grown and like any body. It will face challenges.Tough times dont last. But we, as tough people, out last them."

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