Read The Shocking Reason Mark Zuckerberg Used Tape To Cover His Laptop's Webcam And Microphone

Mark Zuckerberg Security and tape laptop
Photo source: TWITTER
In a recent photo of the tech billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg while showing a picture  how happy he was due to the fact that Instagram reached 500 million monthly users. This was spotted:

  It has been observed that the photo he shared, in his laptop at the background had it's webcam and microphone covered with masking tape.
 The shocking reason why Mark Zuckerberg did that was to prevent hackers from accessing him when he is using his laptop.
 Not too long ago his Twitter and Linkedln account was learnt to have being hacked, and he feels he has to put up every security measures to orevent him from hackers.

 Concerns have being raised that hackers now send malware to people that would allow them view the lives of people using their laptops webcam and hear their comments via the microphone (but covering the microphone with masking tape was not necessary, because sound still travels in the masking tape).
 Also, the Director FBI, James Comey had initially said that he also covers his laptop's webcam to prevent hackers from spying on him.
 This now raise concerns about Cyber security, even as far as 2013 BBC found out that websites where available, that hackers used in exchanging pictures and videos of people captured without their knowledge.
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